Here at Best Tattoos, Inc. we prefer to custom design your tattoos on site, but if you wish you may also bring in any material or design yourself. We also have tons of reference design material to look at. All our designs can be altered or changed in any way YOU see fit.

“We cater to YOUR needs not ours, service to you is our TOP PRIORITY.”

Remember, getting a tattoo is about YOU. You are changing your body for the rest of your life. So be smart and take your time deciding. Find an artist who you feel comfortable with, and check out their work. If you like the tattoos they have done in the past, then talk to them about your design ideas. Our Artists are more than happy to help you design your tattoo.

Does it Hurt?

Hell yes!!! But it hurts so good. Everyone has a different tolerance to pain. What might be painful for one person is breezy for another. If you come well rested, well fed and have a positive attitude… you will be fine.

And if you’re good, you get a lollipop.

A completed Tattoo Consent Form is required for all tattoo procedures. Please select the Tattoo Consent Form button to access the necessary form to print and complete prior to arriving at the shop.

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